Bay Area Japanese Nail Lounge - Bling Your Nails



1. Why are BLING True-Gel Nails different from 'Gel Nails' in other salons?

Most salons that provide 'Gel Nails' are basically acrylic nails with a 'Gel Overlay'.  We use 100% Gel products from the Base Coat to Top Coat, extending and sculpturing with NO tips and glue.  All our nail products are odorless and very 'light-weight' on your nails.  Your nails will still be absolutely healthy even after True-Gel Removal.

2. How long does BLING True-Gel Nails usually last?

It varies from 2 weeks to 2 months with proper maintenance and care.  Clients who have just taken off acrylic nails or have oily/moist nail beds tend to experience lifting in the beginning.  It improves with time and our shop is happy to repair your nails at NO charge.

3.  How do we do FILLS?

We DO NOT just "fill in the gap", we actually take off all the gel and designs and start all over again.  This process is more sanitary and clients are able to choose different colours/designs every time.

4. How long does a BLING True-Gel Nails appointment take?

Our nail appointment takes about 1.5-2 hours.  It is a delicate process and we make sure our nail stylists spend time to communicate and understand your needs.  Come and experience the luxury of professional custom nail art service!

5. Why is it more pricey at BLING your nails?

We are a team of professional and passionate manicurists who are experts in custom nail art.  All our implements (nail file, nail bits, nail buffer) are given to our clients or disposed of after every appointment.  BLING your nails uses the best brand-named nail products to ensure the quality of our work and your nail health.