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BLING Training

BLING your nails True Gel-Nail Training

BLING your nails offers comprehensive True-Gel Nail Training Courses focusing on sculpturing professional nails and unique nail designs while maintaining strong, healthy natural nails.  We offer education on techniques with Japanese gel nails as well as more advanced techniques in sculpturing 3D nail designs.  Our aim is to educate more professionals and arise the awareness on nail health and the free expressions of nail arts. We are the ONLY educator of Japanese gel nails in the Bay area and we are proud of our originality and authenticity. 



Group Training (3-8 students)

Course A: Beginner’s Level (4 Hours/ $550)

Course B: Advanced Level (4 Hours/ $425)

Individual Training (Includes a starter kit of Electric nail drill, 36W UV lamp, Japanese gel kit set and 5 gel/glitter colors, value over $800)

Course A: Beginner’s Level (4 Hours/ $1000)

Course B: Advanced Level (3 Hours/ $1000)


1.  Who teaches the courses?

All courses are taught by Ms. Connie Lee.


2.  Where are the courses held?

Courses are held at BLING your nails, located at 3705 Castro Valley Blvd. Castro Valley, CA 94546.


3.  Do I have to be licensed to take the courses?

It is not a must to be a licensed manicurist to take the training courses. Courses are taught as a comprehensive skills or a hobby.  However licensed manicurist and current manicuring students are encouraged to join recruitment program with BLING to gain invaluable skills, potential internship opportunities and work experience. 


4.  Can I set up a course with a group of my friends?

Yes!  Set up a group with 3 or more friends and receive a 10% discount.


5.  Do I have to take both courses?

You don’t have to take both courses, but it is recommended that you take the Beginner’s Level before proceeding to the more advanced course.  If you sign up for both courses, you will receive a FREE FULL GEL SET SYSTEM.